Who can become a member of the DISA?

Membership of DISA is open to any person who is employed by a company, organisation, a non-decision-making Government department and is responsible for, or contributes to, the implementation of UK Government and/or CNI security requirements.

How do I become a member of the DISA?

To apply for membership of DISA please complete our application found HERE.

Can DISA Membership be transferred to another person?

No, it is specific to an individual.

Can we have corporate membership?

Membership is individual, there is no corporate membership.

I am moving company can I remain a member of the DISA?

This will be subject to you maintaining the requirements for membership in your new role. Contact the DISA Administration Office.


How do I book a training course?

Once booking for a course has opened, forms will be sent to all DISA members automatically and any other person who has registered their interest in a specific course. To register your interest in any one of DISA’s training course, please contact training@thedisa.org.

We have several individuals needing to do the same training course can we get a discount?

As each DISA course generally has limited places, the answer would be no. However, DISA can on occasions, offer training courses in-house which can be favourable for some organisations on price.

We would like training, but customised for our organisation?

Please contact the DISA Administration Office with details of your training requirements. DISA can then get to back to you on whether this training is something they can support and provide costings.


How do I change my username?

Your username cannot be changed.

I’ve forgotten my username and/or password, what do I do?

There is a forgot password option on the member area login page.

How can I get automatically notified of updates to the website?

We will communicate any major changes via email and we will publish updates in the news section on the homepage.