Role of the Security Controller

Course objectives:

To give you a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities

To take you through the process of compliance with the Security Policy Framework and associated documentation

To help you understand the documentation

To show you the methods used

Course duration:

Starts Day One 11.00 – Ends Day Two approximately 15.30

Course content:

• Aim & Need

• The Threat

• Classified Material Contracts

• Physical Security of Premises

• Document Handling & Control

• IT Security

• Communications Security

• Visits IN & OUT

• Overseas Contracts, Collaboration

• Personnel Vetting, Threat, Contingencies

• Security Education Material

• Day in the Life of a Security Advisor

Who should attend?

Essential for newly appointed Security Controllers and their senior staff.

Useful as an update for existing Security Controllers

Also helpful for Board Level Contacts of small to medium sized companies